Thursday, May 17, 2007

First FoxPro, now Jericho

It seems like all my favorites are getting canceled. I only watched one network show on television with any kind of regularity: Jericho on CBS. Now, after a mediocre second-half of the first season (CBS' fault, by the way), CBS opted to cancel it in favor of more reality TV (something about a Lord of the Flies rip-off with kids in Mexico). If you watch Jericho, or want to sign another petition, please do so at:

If you're really into Jericho, please mail a bag of nuts to their studio (they'll know why you sent them -- it's a reference to the final episode in which Jake tells the invading town of New Bern "Nuts" when asked to surrender Jericho):

51 West 52dn Street
New York New York 10019

But I'm not posting this here for Jericho support. I'm wasting my digital space today (and possibly your time!) to rant about how Corporations really run our lives. Soma Somasegar of Microsoft tells us (my words:), 'Hey, no more FoxPro. I know its hard to hear that you need to learn something else, but why don't you check out .NET!'. And CBS (Kelly Kahl, CBS’ chief scheduling executive in particular) is saying (my words:), 'hey, no more Jericho. I know it's hard to hear that you need to watch something else, but why don't you check out CSI?'.

Whether its our livelihood or our down-time, we're being run by a handful of corporations that mold and shape us into their image. So much for the little guy. As FoxPro developers, we're outnumbered. The old saying that 'power exists in numbers' is very true. That's one of the reasons people like me like to hold on to the niche, the subculture, the atypical, exceptional, and extraordinary!

Jericho has a decent chance of being picked up by the Sci-fi Network, TNT, or others. I wish the same can be said for FoxPro.


Kevin Ragsdale said...

Hey Tod,

Thought you might be interested in this link I stumbled across this afternoon:

Looks like CBS is thisclose to bringing Jericho back for an abbreviated season.

Kevin Ragsdale

Tod McKenna said...

Hey thanks Kevin! I've been all over the Jericho boards and sites. This is really nice news! Seven episodes, maybe more...