Sunday, February 04, 2007

Spam and Rabbit Stew Lounge

This post has nothing to do with FoxPro, but I just wanted to take a moment for a personal matter. Due to the tremendous amount of spam seen at my site Rabbit Stew Lounge (I am the publisher and designer), I have implemented an invite-only system. Considering it is very unlikely that spammers will do their homework and sniff around for invite codes, I thought I'd post a special one here for anyone interested in the Fox community. The code is VFOXPRO1.

Well, here is some foxpro stuff after all:

Rabbit Stew Lounge is a non tech site. Most conversations are about current events, politics, music, and food. There is a blog feature, a forum, and wiki. I use VFP to connect to mySQL to administer the database. I had dreams of building a complete control panel in VFP that can access each feature of the site, administer users, read the RSS feeds, etc. I've done a lot, but it certainly isn't in 'control panel' form. Perhaps as time permits I'll get more involved again.

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